At the Graft Yard, our mission is to create a space where you as our members feel free to be your best in an open networking environment. Where your ideas, work ethics and purpose come to life. A space to inspire you. #whereyoubelong

Serviced and shared co-working space allows you the flexibility to work when you need in an inspired work space so you can work productively at a fraction of the cost. No capital outlay, no contract and no deposit.

uncapped fast fibre internet | refreshments | serviced work space | secure parking | water & electricity | monthly events | member listing | supporting business services

Our passion is to see that small businesses are sustainable as we all know Entrepreneurship is a tough although exciting journey. We don’t just give you space; we give you a platform to connect, learn, express and grow. #whereyoubelong

We strive to create a culture where we all feel that we are contributing to wards a bigger goal using a platform of small business owners to make a difference in the community.



Our work space packages include serviced work space water & electricity | uncapped wifi | refreshments | secure parking | additional businesses support services | network events | advertising | member listing and more.

Starting from only R1 500 p/m for our unlimited access package. Where else can you run your business from at this phenomenal price #whereyoubelong


Our 8 seater inspired boardroom includes
uncapped wifi | refreshments | secure parking | projector | whiteboard | flipchart and more.

Prices range from R150 – R250/ hr giving you all you need #whereyoubelong




We offer your business a professional address | dedicated office number and reception service including member listing | advertising | access to network events and more.

For as little as R741, give your business the professional look and feel it deserves #whereyoubelong


There is nothing standard about our space, which makes it a venue perfect for your next workshop, seminar, conference or training. Our low costs include wifi | projector | screen | music | mic and more.

For only R500/hr during the week and R600/hr on weekends, there is no reason not to be at TGY #whereyoubelong



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